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Tuesday, January 28, 2014
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US Lacrosse Certification Testing


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Help Accessing the US Lacrosse Tests


US Lacrosse offers online tests based on rules for US Lacrosse Girls Rules, NFHS Boys Rules and US Lacrosse Boys and Girls Youth Rules. US Lacrosse member officials may take any or all of these tests.

Other organizations utilizing this test to fulfill a requirement of their organization must have express written permission, may not charge a fee for the test, and understand that they are using the intellectual property of US Lacrosse.

All officials are reminded it is best to take the test on paper, and then log into the testing site to enter their answers. All officials must complete the test online when it becomes available.

These tests are provided to men's and women’s game officials as a US Lacrosse member benefit. The only way to insure that your test grade is accurately recorded is to take the test online.

Please download and print the test off, take it, and then come back to log into the system and enter your answers.


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