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Men's Officials Programs and Clinics

Men's Officials Programs and Clinics

Thursday, March 05, 2015
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Since the late 1980s, the LAREDO (LAcrosse REferee DevelOpment) Program has provided training and professional development for lacrosse officials around the country.

LAREDO utilizes regional lacrosse tournaments along with summer and fall lacrosse camps as sites for concentrated lacrosse officiating development. The philosophy behind the LAREDO program is to make these clinics accessible to all lacrosse officials from around the country. This balanced representation enables officials from developing and established areas to polish their officiating skills under the instruction of a qualified US Lacrosse clinician.

Read more about the LAREDO Program!

Are you a leader in your association? Do you want to apply to host a LAREDO 1, 2, or 3 clinic in your state in 2017? Complete the application form by clicking the button below:

Apply - Host 2017 Clinic


LAREDO Level 1 clinics are designed for both established and developing areas that need help in the basic recruiting, training, retaining, and observing of officials. These clinics focus primarily on the classroom training requirements for certification for both new and returning officials. There is no application for LAREDO 1 clinics as they are open to all interested local officials.

City State Dates Registration Link
Bradenton FL 1/14-1/15 Closed
Dallas TX 1/14-1/15 Closed
Front Royal VA 10/21 Register
Los Angeles CA 11/4-11/5 Register


LAREDO Level 2 clinics are designed for 2-person mechanics and are geared toward officials looking to develop their skills and become stronger overall officials. These clinics combine classroom training with a heavy emphasis on repeated on-field observations for immediate, actionable feedback from the clinicians.

Apply - LEVEL 2

City State Dates
Suwanee GA Canceled
Park City UT Closed
Cincinnati OH Closed
Houston TX Canceled
Las Vegas NV Canceled
Wilmington NC 10/13-10/15
Santa Barbara CA 10/13-10/15
Long Island NY 11/17-11/19

*Requires a minimum of three seasons of experience. Must apply to be considered.


LAREDO Level 3 clinics are designed for 3-person mechanics and more advanced levels of play. These clinics combine classroom training and challenging on-field observations that emphasize proper positioning and a focus on key areas of responsibility.

Apply - LEVEL 3

City State Dates
Vail CO Closed
Ann Arbor MI Closed
Columbus OH Closed
Chapel Hill NC Closed
Beverly MA Closed
Blaine MN 10/13-10/15
Austin TX 11/3-11/5
Portland OR 11/17-11/19
Tampa FL 11/17-11/19

Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program Grant

Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program Grant

The purpose of this program is to honor Scott Boyle’s name and legacy by facilitating the growth of less experienced officials around the country. The goal of this program is to develop officials, not grade them. As such, observers will be trained to identify and communicate key areas for improvement in working officials, and will be tasked with checking to see if these officials have implemented the suggestions into their games.

Experienced officials will be trained in observation, evaluation, and communication, and then sent to observe working officials throughout the spring season. Since the goal of the program is to help officials grow, each official will be observed at least twice in order to determine if he/she was able to implement the suggestions for improvement.

US Lacrosse National Convention Scholarships

US Lacrosse Officials Education Department is once again providing scholarships to the 2016 National Convention. A total of $5,000 dollars is awarded to officials attending the US Lacrosse National Convention. The quantity and amount of scholarships is determined by district.


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